Ethical line

In order to encourage corporate values, ethical standards and prevent any irregular or unprofessional act, ASyS has enabled the ETHICS LINE since 2021, through which clients, suppliers, contractors and any other party with whom ASyS maintains any relationship, they may communicate situations that may affect principles and values of business ethics, under security parameters that guarantee the confidentiality of the information provided and protect the identity of the person who provides it.

If you are aware of events or potential situations related to corruption, fraud, bad practices or any irregular action, we invite you to voluntarily inform us through this space

The information provided through the ethics line will be used for the purpose of informing the administration and control bodies of the company against possible irregularities.

Among others, the situations that you may report are:

  • Practices contrary to the law.
  • Suspicious money laundering, drug trafficking or criminal activity.
  • Misuse of company assets.
  • Misuse of confidential information.
  • Practices against the interests of the company.
  • Situations of disloyalty with the company.
  • Situations of conflict of interest.
  • Abuse by company employees for personal gain.
  • Falsification of documents or records.



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